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What Is CA Report?

It’s a net worth certificate, a document containing the net worth of an individual, usually certified by a Chartered Accountant (CA) for Visa Processing.

Net worth is the aggregate resources of an individual or an enterprise by deducting liabilities from total asset size. Net worth of an individual includes:

  • Dependents gross income as per last 2 years income tax (IT) returns

  • Agricultural income

  • Agricultural lands – fair market value

  • Open plots – fair market value

  • Residential or commercial building – fair market value

  • Motor vehicles – depreciable value

  • Gold (parents & student / applicant) – standard rate

  • Fixed deposits (FD) – investment value

  • Recurring deposits (RD) – investment value

  • Shares, bonds, mutual funds, equity instruments – holdings value

  • Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account balance – employee & employer contribution

  • Public provident Fund (PPF) – Closing balance

  • Insurance policies – surrender value or premium paid to date

  • Bank balance (7 to 15 lakhs will strengthen the VISA application)

Why CA Report?

1) The prime objective of having a CA certificate is to check the financial soundness of the applicant.

2) So, to process the visa effectively in the minimum time frame, one requires a CA certificate to authorize the net worth.

Process of Getting CA Report.....

  • To get a CA Certificate for visa, you need to contact a CA firm and submit documents related to assets and liabilities.

  • Information provided by you will be reviewed.

  • Then, firm will certify the net worth for visa of Canada / Australia / America / Ireland / China / any other country.

  • Unique Document Identification number (UDIN) will be generated for the said certificate for its authenticity.

Why you should choose Swastik Bansal & Associates ?

We Believe that

Every Business’s greatest asset are its customers, because without customer there is no business.

So, we value our customer & work in the best the best of his interests. Our goal is to provide our customers with best-in-class services so that they are able to resolve any challenges they may have with legal compliance issues.

· Rich Exposure: We generate 50+ certificates every month.

· Zero Payment Risk: Pay only after completion of work except for an advance of ₹3000 as booking fees.

· Quick Delivery: Average time required is 48-72 hours.

· Accountability: All our conversations get documented. So it makes us accountable for the promise made.

· Highly Authentic: Generating Unique Document ID for every certificate. Everyone on internet can verify the UDIN at the portal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) @

· Highest Quality: No substitute for best output, except the hard work, commitment & dedication.

· User Friendly: Team of young professionals working in the friendliest manner.

· Knowledgeable: Possess adequate knowledge to address your queries.

· Availability: We are just a phone call away, you can even WhatsApp/E-mail us your details to get started.

· Confidentiality: We collect bare minimum documents (screenshots of value of liquid assets, income proofs, proof ensuring legal owners of property) to issue this report because your privacy is our priority. Just share with us the required information & minimum documents alone.

· Perfect Solution: We provide you with solution to all your problems under one roof. We help you with your ITRs, CA Report, Valuation Report from Registered Valuer & all other such requirement under one plan.

What Documents are required For CA Report?

A] Income Details

  • Form 16/ Income Tax Return Form

B] Liquid & Movable Assets Details

C] Immovable Assets Details

D] Loans Details

Our Fees

Pay as you go: Our fees depend on the value of assets and liabilities certified as follows:

· ₹5,000Upto ₹2 Crore of assets and liabilities certified

· ₹1,000For every ₹1 Crore of assets and liabilities certified thereon.


  • For a value of 1.85 Crores: Our fees are ₹5000

  • For a value of 2.35 Crores: Our fees are ₹6000 (₹5000 + ₹1000 )

  • For a value of 3 Crores: Our fees are ₹6000 (₹5000 + ₹1000)

#This Amount includes fees which is paid to valuer for Valuation Report.

Bundled Plan

We can also provide you with a bundled offer which will cover all your necessary legal compliance requirements. In this bundle, we will provide

  1. CA Report (Net Worth Certificate)

  2. Valuation Report of your Immovable Properties (From Registered Valuer)

  3. ITR of Applicant & Sponsor*

* ITR Will be filed for one year, if applicant requires ITR for another year than he/she will be required to pay for the same.

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